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"I absolutely love this foldable and lightweight shoe cover. Very strong and practical. It's in my purse when I need it to keep my shoes or feet from getting wet. LOVE IT!"


Don't let the weather affect your outdoor activities. Whether you are cutting the grass, washing the car, walking the dog, camping, cycling, or playing in the snow, you will find these portable compact shoe guards perfect to keep your shoes clean and dry.

Being trapped in a sudden burst of rain while walking to your car or into the grocery store can cause squishy shoes! Our WATERPROOF SHOE GUARD can be great preparation for unpredictable weather in the wet season. Once it rains, you can take them out and put them on, they will offer your shoes the best protection from water and mud.

The nonslip Silicone shoe cover is the perfect match to enjoy outdoor activities in rainy weather. Step in the mud and ponds without any fuss or messing up your style.

Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Keep your shoes dry and clean even in the nastiest terrain.

How will THE WATERPROOF SHOE GUARD change your life:

✅ Durable and non-slip: Made of 100% high-quality non-toxic silicone rubber, ensuring durability and environmental friendliness. And will protect you from slipping.

✅ Multiple Resistance and Use: This shoe cover is ideal for avoiding wet shoes or feet in rain or snow, which also protects them from salt and dirt. Ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, weeding, etc. Get creative and use them while cleaning the kitchen as well.

✅ Easy to carry and store: So soft so you can fold them up in your pocket or backpack. The elastic material is suitable for everyone's shoes, easy to wear and disassemble.

✅ Easy to clean and maintain:Silicone material is easy to clean. Just wash them or use wet wipes for quick clean.

✅ Ergonomically designed: Thicker and more durable than other similar silicone shoe covers.

✅ Stylish and Elegant:Unisex with five colors that are available to perfectly decorate your shoes.

✅ No Worry:Tried it, but didn’t like it? For any reason, if you feel this product didn’t satisfy you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will arrange a replacement or refund for you.

NOTE: Indoor glazed, glass, ice, smooth floor, tiles, wood, etc, should not be used. Elderly, Pregnant woman, people with reduced mobility, not recommended. It is not recommended to wear a shoe cover to go shopping and enter the office building. You need to take off your shoe cover before entering.


For many of us, staying active during the fall and winter months can be a challenge. If the shortening hours of sunlight weren’t enough, rain and snow can put a real damper on keeping up with your exercise goals. Now with THE WATERPROOF SHOE GUARD, you can enjoy all outdoor activities with the confidence in keeping your feet and shoes dry.

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