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Pro Golfer™ Water Brush

Be efficient using a clean clubhead with the Pro Golfer™ Water Brush!
Stores water in a leakproof reservoir tube, meaning you can easily give your clubs a thorough cleaning without having to worry about water spilling everywhere.

Why the Pro Golfer™ Water Brush?

 Increase Spin

 Clubs Last Longer

 Straighter Shots

 More Distance Control

 Easier to Shape Shots

 Clean Club Face

 Easily Cleans Entire Clubhead :-

Our Pro Golfer™ Water Brush has a large nylon bristle head, giving you more comprehensive coverage when you clean your club. Spend less time cleaning and more time swinging!


 Shiny Clubs, Zero Leaks:-

With this tool, cleaning is just a squeeze away. An anti-leak reservoir tube ensures water won’t dispense until you need it: no splashes, drips, or soaking bags.

✅ Portable & Convenient:-

You won’t have to rummage through your bag to find this cleaner. Attach the 18” heavy-duty retractor clip to your golf bag and enjoy effortless and quick access.

✅ Won’t Slow You Down behind:-

Lugging your gloves, irons, and golf balls around the green is difficult enough. With a 4oz capacity, this compact cleaner will barely add more weight to your bag.

✅ A Better Golfing Experience:-

A clean clubhead is an efficient clubhead. Clean means more control, which means more spin on the ball. Keep your accuracy sharp with the help of our water brush.

Dirty Grooves vs Clean Grooves


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