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Professional Pet Nail Clipper


If you try to cut your pet's nails without considering the bloodlines you will end up hurting your dog and making a very bloody and traumatic scene. Professional Pet Nail Clipper is one of the safest and easiest ways to trim your pet's nails. In fact, this product was invented by pet lovers and the help of veterinarians.

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The light illuminates the nail showing you the location of the bloodline to prevent you from cutting into it. When their nails are beautifully trimmed, the scratches on you, furniture, doors, and walls will diminish. It keeps your pet well-groomed as well!

Another amazing useful feature is its nail trapper that traps the nail for easy disposal later. It has a nail trapper so you do not have to clean up nail trimmings off the floor and off your clothes.

The handle itself is designed for the best possible usage with the wavy grip it fits comfortably in your hand and will have a very little chance of slipping. The two slides that cover the trimmer itself actually magnify the nail to help you see exactly what you're doing!


  • SAFETY: The nail system has an amazing feature (5x magnification mirror) to clearly view the area requiring the trim, so you don't harm your pet while using it.
  • CLEAN: Another amazing useful benefit is its Nail Trapper will trap the nail for easy disposal later.

  • EASY TO USE: It emphasizes a comfortable grip with a Quick Clip feature that trims the nail with its precision-honed razor-sharp blades

  • TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE: Lightweight & easy-grip non-slip handles for a comfortable grip ensuring a safe nail trimming experience.

  • PAINLESS: It is the professional way of trimming pet nails without taking a lot of time and hurting them.


    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Size: 15 x 9 cm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Professional Pet Nail Clipper