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Nursery Wrap Swaddle



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If you’ve never had a newborn, the thought of wrapping your baby up so tightly that they can’t move their arms might sound like a crazy idea.Many newborns are comforted by swaddles—they tend to cry less and sleep more when they’re snugly wrapped. 

When it comes to your newborn’s comfort and safety there’s no room for compromise. If you want to make sure he falls asleep having that cozy, warm feeling, this swaddle blanket is definitely the right choice!

It has a unique double-sided flap allows for easy middle-of-the-night nappy changes. Made from superior quality, ultra-soft material which feels great against their sensitive skin, this sleeping sack is a must for every mother.The Nursery Wrap Swaddle is the perfect gift for your baby to warm their early childhood with only love and cuddles!


  • Kind and Safe to your Babies Skin: The Nursery Wrap Swaddleis made of Polyester material, a super warm and soft blanket, not heavy for baby’s tender skin.
  • Luxurious Softness: Comfort your little one with the amazing softness of our swaddle blanket! This baby swaddling wrap is made from premium quality fabrics, a soft cashmere material that will become softer with daily use!

  • Perfect Present: Order this lovely swaddle blanket for your little one or as a thoughtful gift for a soon to be mother or a baby shower, and you can be sure to win her appreciation! The lovely colors and unisex design is suitable for both girls and boys!

  • Easy to Use: the hooded baby swaddle blanket has adjustable Velcro fasteners to easily secure your baby with arms in or out.


  • The plush and cozy swaddling wrap is made with 100% natural faux cashmere, with no harsh dyes or other harsh chemicals. Our baby swaddle blanket is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, odor resistant, and super gentle on your baby’s delicate skin!

  • This ultra-soft plush swaddle blanket is extremely versatile and can be used as a stroller blanket, for the nursery, as a multipurpose blanket or a sleeping sack for your toddler to feel secure and warm in!

  • With adjustable fastening and a closed bottom provides comfort and mobility, protects your baby's legs from openings in crib rails and helps prevent attempts to climb and tumble out of the crib.


  • Material:Cotton/Fleece 
  • Size:  3M = 78cm (width) *62 (length) cm
              6M = 84cm (width) *70 (length) cm
              9M= 90 (width) *78 cm (length)

Package Includes:

  •  1 x Nursery Wrap Swaddle