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Laser Putt™ Golf Trainer

"This is a very nice aid to help align putter swing skills. Well worth the price. Only have used it a few times, but I instantly see the mistakes being made with ball strike, allowing for easy adjustments. It works great to line down the lane without any distortion!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jason Cantu

✅ Verified Buyer

'Drop 5 Strokes in 5 Weeks with
Laser Putt™ Golf Trainer

The Fastest Way To Birdies & Eagles (Or Your Money Back Guaranteed)
✔ Drop 3 strokes off your handicap immediately
✔ Hole putts from any break on any course
✔ High-power laser tech that gives INSTANT visual feedback
✔ Eliminate three-putting - the most significant cause of golfing anxiety


Think of yourself as a Sniper, and your putter is the badass modified rifle that helps you lock on to your target. Our Laser Putt™ Golf Trainer goes on top of your weapon (the putter) and shows you EXACTLY how to perfect your aim, so you can feel more confident pulling that trigger.

As we already know, 97% of players suck at aiming (see: Accurate Aim Kit), and if your aim is poor, you’ll have to make adjustments throughout the stroke to get the putter face aimed down the correct line in time for impact. This leads to inconsistencies and missed putts.

We have all been there - practising for hours and hours on the green, trying everything to perfect your put.

Well, it's your lucky day!

The Laser Putt™ Golf Trainer is the only putting aid that has ever been used in competition on the PGA Tour and is a favourite among tour pros.

So say goodbye to 3 & 4 putts, and say hello to strokes coming off your round and an insane decrease in your handicap!

Wondering how you can putt it like a pro?

Our Laser Putt™ Golf Trainer makes it simple!


-✅ Laser Putt is the ONLY training aid that gives you crucial feedback –Kinesthetic Feedback– while you swing your club. With our laser putting aid, you can further develop your swing, so you golf like the pros.

-  ✅ Every golfer knows that accuracy is vital, and the slightest error in your stroke can damage your game. With a putter alignment laser, you’ll get the best idea of how to align yourself for complete control over your stroke.

✅ No other product gives you theALIGNMENT ACCURACY to hit your target to the head of a pin!

Take Your Golfing Skills to the Next Level!


1*Laser Putt™ Golf Trainer 


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