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FV Forever™ Liquid Foundation

Reveal Flawless Skin!

FV Forever™ Liquid Foundation is a cream foundation used to conceal imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles, and discolouration.

It is typically heavier than regular foundation and is available in various shades to match skin tones. It is applied with a brush or sponge and can be used alone or with other makeup products.

Why FV Forever™ Liquid Foundation?

✅It helps the skin quickly penetrate the stratum corneum, promotes absorption, increases the skin's whitening barrier, provides long-lasting moisturizing, locks water and sets makeup, nourishes the skin, and restores youthful skin.

✅ From messy to straight, from dark to light, to meet the expectations of different skin types for a whole day of makeup.

✅ Suitable for all skin types- Natural yellow tone, Dull skin tone, improved dullness, brightened skin tone and created natural nude tone

✅Silky matte liquid foundation is soft, long-lasting, oil control, whitening, refreshing and moisturizing. It contains whitening, moisturizing, and repairing ingredients to protect the skin and make it look perfect.

✅High concealing power, easy to cover acne marks, dark spots, and age spots on the face, easy to remove dark circles and beautiful colour, look completely natural.

Try it With Confidence! 

Package Contains :

1 x 30g *FV Forever™ Liquid Foundation


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